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A gray cat slinks past a wooden house. There’s something a little intimidating attempting to describe

It all started by being asked to film a relatives wedding, I have owned a number of DSLRS and an SLR over the years and enjoyed doing photography all through school.

When asked I knew it would be a challenge fell more interested in video the more I research as I was concerned that my Nikon 3200 would not cut it. I read lots of forums and decided to hire a camera, a Sony Fs5 (beast) from Camera Hire. This camera was like no other I had used before, it was bulky and had soo many settings. Unfortunately I did lack stabilization equipment but made to with what I had and at that time no way of capturing audio.

Since then I have purchased a whole rafter of video + audio equipment to complete a wedding videographers inventory. I have geared up with the world renowned company Sony and enjoy their mirror less camera range. My portfolio is nothing huge at the moment but I am having fun building it up.

Let me be a part of your video production.


Joel Woolhead